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As an EOS Block Producer we want to represent
Argentina and Latin America's Communities.


Due to strict monetary regulations in past years, Argentina became the cradle for Bitcoin adoption and Blockchain Innovation in Latin America, a lot of well-known industry leaders and start-ups have been born in this country.


Our main goal is to promote Blockchain adoption through the use of EOS in a country that is already famous for being “Blockchain friendly”, and emulate this success in other parts of South America. We believe that our continent is in urgent need for Blockchain Transparency.


Located in the South American continent, EOS Argentina's proposal is aiming to be based in Argentina but represent Latin America, providing geographical and cultural diversity to the EOS Block Production.

EOS Argentina is a community based project, our efforts will focus in encouraging the use of the EOS Blockchain. To accomplish this task we will work on the following objectives:

Community Building

We have organized several Meetups where the community has the chance to meet in person and talk about EOS. We will continue to organize these events, but not only in Buenos Aires, also in other parts of Argentina and Latin America.

EOS Tech Promotion

One of the main tasks of EOS Argentina will be to attend and organize conferences to discuss the advantages and use cases of the EOS Blockchain.

Dapps Support

We believe that blockchain technology will improve people's life through the use of decentralized applications, this is why we will create tools and programs that will always be free to use and open source.


Our Server Locations will be distributed strategically to give our Latin American users the best experience possible and provide geographic decentralization to the network.

Our Latest Activities

Our Team.

EOS Argentina is an organization composed by a group of crypto-enthusiasts based in Buenos Aires. Our team has a diversity of infrastructure experts, blockchain developers, software engineers, community managers and business professionals.

Sebastian Castro
Systems Administrator
Marketing Expert

Jesús Chitty
Founder of Blockchain Argentina
Steem Witness

Martín Fernández
Founder of BTCtrip
CEO HotelP2P
Business Development

Gustavo Mickiewicz
Software Engineer
Community Liaison

Sergio Yuhjtman
EOS enthusiast

Carlos Fernández (Dr.Waldo)
Bachelor in Computer Science
Master in Direction and Technology

Gonzalo Arzuaga
Serial Internet Entrepreneur
(sold 2 companies)
Author of "Money 2.0" about Cryptocurrencies
Fund Manager

RNGlab Team
Top BitShares Witness

Luis Brecci
Blockchain Legal Expert
Master in International Law

BP Transparency Requirements

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